Alexandre Vauthier

«I don’t usually do projects when it doesn't come naturally, but for this task where I had to design Julia Roberts' dress, I was really into it. I love her look, I love her career, I lover her... So, the idea for the dress came immediately and I was able to draw it very quickly.

I imagined something extremely elegant, embellished with details of glamor. The challenge was to stay classy but also make it dreamy ... I designed this dress with the idea that it had to be iconic. It had to embody Julia Roberts as much as possible, yet allow her to reveal her persona. It had to suit her perfectly.

Every detail of the dress was important; each of the 700 crystals had a role and precise spot. I wanted to compose a unique piece. Little did I know that it would take more than 50 hours of work to complete. Everything was just right, it was the perfect execution to the idea I envisioned.»