Olympia Le-Tan Makeup Palette Lancôme’s Icons Palette
Smoky Nude - Red Velvet Lips - Rosy Cheeks

Olympia Le-Tan Makeup Palette

Lancôme’s Icons Palette
Smoky Nude - Red Velvet Lips - Rosy Cheeks

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Olympia Le Tan and Lancôme unveil a wildly desirable collector’s item: the first make-up palette to perfectly mirror the designer’s minaudière clutch-books. Just like the handbags that inspired it, this unprecedented palette is sheathed in cotton embroideries patterned like the cover of an antique book. An imaginary book, as it happens...

Inside, blusher, eyeshadow and lipsticks bring back the glamour of the Fifties with an ultra-contemporary twist. An important detail to note: each of these shades is a reworked version of a colour Olympia Le-Tan chose from Lancôme’s archives and updated.

For starlet eyes, four eyeshadows combine to create a plum-coloured smoky eye with metallic glints: Gris Argent 1988, a glittery steel colour, Brun Nacré 1965, a slightly iridescent taupe, Paradis 1956, a deep burgundy, and Nommé Désir 1971, a muted white.

And for the cheeks – well, of course it’s got to be pink! A blusher, embossed with a ribbon motif taken from a 1950s Lancôme powder compact, disperses its hot pink pigments across the skin to create the glowing, gentle flush of a modern-day baby doll... Irresistible!

For the lips: a universal colour-fixative base is overlaid with four lip powders. And the shades? The cold violet of Rouge de Rose 1955, The vintage rose Couture 1962, the cherry of Anémone 1959, and the flamboyant red…Olympia 1980, a genuine beauty and style statement. Naturally.

- POWDERED LIPS (Lip Powder)
- BURGUNDY & SPARKLY GAZE (Ultra-creamy eyeshadow)
- ROSY CHEEKS (Matte bouncy blush)
Its unique & vintage clutch-inspired shape. An All-in-one palette surfing on all hot trends.
A Book written in 3 Colours

Written in the colours of her wonderland, Olympia's Wonderland is a limited edition 3-in-1 makeup palette.
10 shades for a full day and evening look.

How To Apply

Impress with an evening out with highly pigmented shades.

How To Apply

Apply a silky powder-to-lip cream for high colour payoff.

How To Apply

Soft blush to warm your cheeks.

Olympia Le Tan by Lancôme