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This easy-to-clean, synthetic brush is the ideal partner to all concealers. The tapered edge lays down just the right amount of coverage to camouflage imperfections, including dark circles, without settling into lines. Can also be used to apply cream eye shadows. The softer, more graduated tip allows for more even, controlled blending.

How to use:
Dab a small amount of concealer onto the back of the hand, warming it up with your finger. Using only one flat side of the brush, gently apply to needed areas. Turn the brush over and, without adding any additional product, finish the blending process with light, downward, patting/sweeping strokes – focusing on the outer edges for a flawless blending result. Repeat process to build even more coverage.

Beauty Tip:
Glide along the lip “edge” to perfect the line line after applying deep lip color.
• Easy to clean with brush cleanser or shampoo and warm water
• Softer, more graduated tip allows for more blended application.
Its duo effect - softer, graduated tip and tapered edge
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