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FACE MASK, MOISTURIZER, EYE CREAM. Since 1965, inspired by nature and sublimated by science. Each Absolue's anti aging eye cream, face mask and moisturizer integrates our savoir-faire values: Excellence, High Precision, Technology and Passion, for an ultimate luxury skin care experience. Use Absolue's skin care for a revitalized and younger looking skin.

Exceptional Regeneration
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(18 products)
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How to take care of your skin?
To maintain beautiful skin throughout the years, it is important to combine a proper skincare routine with healthy lifestyle choices. Together, they can help retard natural signs of aging, and prevent skin problems, prolonging the appearance of younger-looking skin. It is no secret that protecting your skin from sun damage is an essential step in preserving flawless skin. The right sun care will prevent the look of an aging face with undesired dark spots on the skin . In general, a healthy way of living will be an important ally of skin perfection. Exercising regularly, getting quality sleep, drinking more water, eating antioxidant-rich foods, and reducing caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol consumption are natural skincare steps to achieve that healthy-looking, radiant skin. To speed up your skin regeneration and transform your aging skin into plumper, glowing skin, Lancôme's Exceptional Regeneration collection has the ideal hydrating face masks, firming eye creams, and anti-aging moisturizers for you.

Is anti-aging possible?
If the idea of an aging face with wrinkled skin makes you anxious, you can stop worrying about it because the answer is yes, anti-aging is possible. anti-aging skin care products have systematically proven themselves to be effective ways to reduce skin imperfections in mature skin and early signs of aging. Their regenerating formulas infused with carefully curated skincare ingredients such as collagen, pro-xylane and essential oils, are specifically designed to deeply replenish and revitalize your aging skin, transforming it into radiant, flawless skin. Faster skin regeneration and beautiful skin are at an arm's reach with the proper skincare routine: choosing the best anti-aging eye cream, anti-wrinkle cream or the best moisturizer for mature skin can make an incredible difference towards achieving a younger-looking, firm skin with an even skin tone.

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