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Deliciously fresh and moisturizing body care. Nourish your skin with our luxurious body care products.
Indulge with unique olfactory fragrances and textures that comes with our body lotion, deodorant, hand cream, body cream and shower gel.
Softly moisturize your skin and leave it feeling soft and hydrated.

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Nutrix Royal Body

Baume Réparateur et Relipidant Intense. Pour les peaux sèches

Absolue Mains Premium SPF 15

Soin Anti-Taches Reconstituant Profond SPF 15

Nutrix Royal Mains

Crème Réparatrice et Nutrition Intense

Baume à lèvres Absolue Precious Cells

Baume Nourrissant - Miel De Rose - Crème anti rides