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Absolue: Our Quest To Capture The Power of Premier Cru French Roses

Get to know Absolue’s exceptional transformative texture anti-aging skincare.

Roses have always been central to Lancôme’s identity. Not only do they represent beauty, joy, and love—used in skincare, they are both powerfully sensorial and inspire by their life power. By using premier cru roses from the South of France, we’ve created an anti-aging cream infused with Grand Rose Extracts that can visibly transform skin in just one week.

Our roses, and the green extraction process

Absolue roses are grown in the warm, contrasting, nutrient-rich soil of the South of France, between the Alps and Provence. Once they reach peak vitality, these roses are carefully and quickly harvested early in the morning to ensure the highest-quality extraction possible. An advanced bio-tech process called high-pressure green extraction is then used to extract one of the key concentrate from the selected roses.

A transformative texture for sublime skin regeneration

Absolue Soft Anti-Aging Cream’s Thick-to-Thin-to-Thick texture is unique, creating a kind of sensory journey that evolves at every step of application in the skin care routine. It goes on with the feel of a thick, nourishing anti-aging cream, transforming into a light, serum-like texture to release its hydrating capacities and its active diffusion properties. Finally, it ends as a thick, comforting layer of moisture that infuses the skin with plumpness.

Does our Absolue soft anti-aging cream work?

Absolue Soft Anti-Aging Cream is formulated for those concerned with dull skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness. Its transformative texture infused with Grand Rose Extracts formula has a regenerative effect on skin, with visible results in seven days. After 1 month, skin appears transformed.

How to apply our Absolue soft anti-aging cream

Step 1: Put a hazelnut-sized dab of Soft or Rich anti-aging cream in your palm. Use your fingertips to warm it slightly.

Step 2: Apply the skin regenerating cream to the face using light dabbing movements for a soothing, comforting sensation.

Step 3: Activate the light serum texture by using long, gliding movements from the center of your face outwards.

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