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Elevate your nighttime skincare routine with Lancôme’s Absolue Ultimate Repair Bi-Ampoule .

Elevate your beauty sleep with Absolue Ultimate Repair Bi-Ampoule . Imagine overnight skin repair concentrated in a precious drop, ready to envelope your skin in a sensorial milky emulsion while you slumber. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Because it is. A true jewel of innovation.

Lancôme dreamt of a way to make the most of each night by boosting beauty sleep with a skincare product inspired by clinical treatments to form a bedtime routine for anti aging. Now, when damaged skin needs extra care, there is no need to schedule beauty appointments into a busy day, the Bi-Ampoule is designed to repair and restore skin. Instead, let the new Lancôme Absolue Ultimate Repair Bi-Ampoule deliver damaged & stressed skin barriers the repair it needs while you sleep, with results that rival clinical treatments.

What is an ampoule?

The secret is in the science. Lancôme combined its expertise with cutting edge skincare innovations to release a powerful new formula and the best anti aging serum that works for you as you sleep. Inside each Ampoule’s bi-phase formula are two phases of highly concentrated active skincare ingredients.

  • First, the Oil Phase contains 100% pure oleo-distillates, fatty acids essential to skin’s reparative functions.
  • Then, the Essence Phase with the Lancôme’s exclusive Premier Cru of French Roses and nano encapsulated tri-ceramides, regenerate and sooth skin battered by urban environmental aggressors and damages due to daily face mask wear.

This dual phase technology packed with nutrients delivers on its promise: ultimate repair and healthy glowing skin.

How to use ampoules?

Ready to experience your new night skincare treatment routine? Before bed, easily integrate the Ultimate Repair Bi-Ampoule into your Absolue Ritual. Its ultra luxurious packaging shines bright even in the night. To use the ampoules, simply shake to activate the dual phase formula. Designed with a precision dosing dropper, these ampoules make it easier than ever to deliver the perfect dose of concentrated formula at each application. The highly concentrated milky emulsion absorbs quickly into your complexion to begin nourishing and repairing skin in ultimate comfort while you sleep. And Lancôme’s Ultimate Repair Bi-Ampoule can just as easily be integrated into a daytime routine, and used to continue your skincare around the clock, up to three times a day.

With Lancôme Absolue, daily skin aggressors are no match for this overnight skin repair experience. Your brightened skin will thank you as your fine lines and wrinkles are reduced during the day and overnight. Own the Absolue Ultimate Repair Bi-Ampoule today to start sleeping away fine lines and wake up to repaired skin and revealed radiance for a signature golden glowy finish.

If you need more tips on the best skincare routine for you, explore our Virtual Services for expert advices or discover e-SKIN EXPERT for your personalized skincare routine in 1 selfie.

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