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Do You Need to Apply An Anti-Aging Serum All Year?

Our skin changes throughout the year—here is how to shift your regimen and choose your anti-aging serum based on your seasonal skin needs.

Have you ever felt your face do a complete 180? Your skin could be dry and sensitive in the winter months, and then turn oily and breakout-prone as soon as it is hot outside. The differences can even be enough to make you question your skincare lineup or wonder if you are doing something wrong. But you are not—our skin does indeed change throughout the year (skin produces more sebum, or oil, in the summertime and we all fall victim to the drying consequences of indoor heating in January), so it makes sense to switch up your skincare routine based on your seasonal needs. That being said, it is also important to be loyal to key products and keep a face care routine day after day to make sure you get good results. The one pick we recommend keeping in your skincare routine: your anti-aging serum, and our choice is Advanced Génifique. After that, choose your other anti-aging face serums and face care products to match your seasonal skin needs. Need help choosing? Check out our helpful guide below.

Lancôme’s Best Anti-Aging Serum for Every Day

When it comes to year-round skincare, you want something that will feel comfortable through every skin phase. That is where the fresh, soothing texture of the skin serum Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum gives it an edge. This anti-aging serum feels lightweight when you apply it—making it ideal for either the dog days of summer or a cold winter night—and absorbs quickly, giving your skin a plump, glowing, velvety finish. Its benefits are also things you will want 365 days a year: The hydrating serum contains a blend of two probiotic fractions to strengthen your skin barrier, making it healthier and restoring youthful luminosity, no matter your age, skin type, or skin tone. Use it every morning and night after cleansing as the first step to your skincare routine. Bonus: the self-loading dropper delivers the perfect dose every time.

Lancôme’s Best Anti-Aging Serum for Fall

Your Skin Needs: In the fall season, the leaves turn from lush and green to gold, red, and orange, and we are usually a little older than we were the year before. A good face serum or moisturizer that will help your skin after a long summer at the beach and nourishes as the days turn colder is ideal.

Your Skin Pick: The multitasking benefits of the Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra Full Spectrum Anti-Aging Fluid are perfect for correcting the damaging effects of summer—and for the busy fall season when you do not have the time to layer on multiple skincare products. This anti-aging lotion has all of the anti-wrinkle and firming benefits that you would expect from our classic Lancôme Rénergie range, but also targets dark spots and hyperpigmentation and contains SPF 25, so you are protected from further damage. Did we mention the feather-light fluid leaves a silky-matte finish on the skin that is ideal under your new fall foundation?

Lancôme’s Best Anti-Aging Serum for Winter

Your Skin Needs: Winter can test even the healthiest-looking skin. Not only does your skin have to deal with freezing temperatures, but you are also putting it through dehydrating indoor heating. Choose winter skincare products that are moisturizing.

Your Skin Pick: In the wintertime, you want your face care products to be as rich as possible, and Absolue Soft Cream meets these expectations. Like all Absolue L’Extrait products, it is enriched by our Lancôme rose extract (extracted via a respectful extraction process called Fermogenesis) to help regenerate the skin while correcting wrinkles, fine lines and dull skin. The gel-emulsion texture leaves skin feeling instantly soft and smooth and comes with a unique massage petal—the self-care ritual for long nights when it starts getting dark at 6 pm. Your last step: Absolue L’Extrait Crème Elixir, a buttery face cream, for glow and coddling.

Lancôme’s Best Anti-Aging Serum for Spring

Your Skin Needs: Springtime can either be a welcome break for your skin—it is finally starting to get warm outside—or can bring up sensitivity (as seasonal changes generally do). Pick a face care product that will keep your skin healthy-looking or one that is designed to take care of sudden onslaughts of red, prickly skin.

Your Skin Pick: The best part about Absolue Sublime Oleo-Serum is that it is a hydrating face serum with essential oil. It contains citrus essential oil, camellia, and babassu oils to nourish and protect—all in a rich, but quickly absorbing, texture that will bring you the glow you may have lost in the winter months. On the other hand, if your skin is feeling sensitive, swap out your usual Advanced Génifique for the face serum Advanced Génifique Serum for sensitive skin, designed to soothe sensitivity and reduce redness with probiotic fractions and skin soothing antioxidants.

Lancôme’s Best Anti-Aging Serums for Summer

Your Skin Needs: Most of us tend to get slightly oilier skin in the summer months. Keep your skincare products on the lighter side to avoid having your foundation slip by 3 pm.

Your Skin Pick: The light, velvety, matte texture resulting from the use of Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector is exactly what you want in a skincare product when it is hot outside. And it also comes with serious skin benefits. Enriched with jasmonate derivates, this serum smoothes skin texture and reduces wrinkles and pore visibility works to boost your skin’s natural moisture levels. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself skipping foundation after using it.

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