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How to Decide If You Need an Anti-Wrinkle Cream

There are many factors that might determine your skincare routine.

Maybe you are the type that looks for the trendiest new ingredients or skincare products. Or you may even opt for a new anti-wrinkle cream because your favorite actress uses it, it smells like marshmallows, or you can’t resist the glossy packaging. Our advice, though, is to always choose skincare products that will target your skin concerns. What is a product going to do for you? Start by looking in the mirror: there is no sense in using a brightening cream that smells amazing if hyperpigmentation isn’t a concern. And when it comes to picking out an anti-wrinkle cream, take note of whether you’re just starting to develop fine lines or you have deeper creases that have been around for a while. Once you know what you want to target, zero in on your wrinkle cream options and how to apply them for optimal results with our helpful guide below.

What you see:

Fine Lines and early signs of aging, such as enlarged pores, dull skin, and lack of suppleness skin texture.

Your Lancôme Wrinkle Reducer: Visionnaire Advanced Multi-Correcting anti-aging cream

Why it Works: Our Visionnaire Advanced Multi-Correcting anti-aging cream has an impressive cast of ingredients, but the stars are a molecule called LR2412, hyaluronic acid, and adenosine. Together, they help create a plumper-looking complexion (ideal if you are starting to develop lines) as well as draw and keep moisture in skin (hyaluronic acid has the ability to hold water in skin).

The silky cream texture absorbs quickly and leaves your face feeling fresh and glowing, smooth and comfortable, replenished with moisture for a second skin feel. If you are the type that is turned off by the idea of a cream, don’t fret—this isn’t your grandmother’s moisturizer. After three days of using the cream, expect to see softer, more moisturized skin; after four weeks, your skin should appear more supple and your wrinkles will be visibly reduced.

How to Apply It: Our classic, wrinkle-reducing face massage for Visionnaire anti-aging products : the pinch and roll. Apply the product to your entire face and down your neck, and then use your index finger and thumb to gently pinch and roll your skin upwards. Work your way first along your jaw, across the middle of your cheeks, and finally at the tops of your cheekbones (three times on each side of your face). Finish by pinching and rolling vertically on your forehead (working against your forehead lines), starting in the middle, above the center of your brow, then above the tail of your brow on each side. Repeat each set three times.

What You See:

Deeper Lines and wrinkles are starting to show and the skin does not feel as firm as it used to.

Your Lancôme Wrinkle Reducer: Rénergie Multi-Lift Anti-Aging Cream

Why it Works: When deeper wrinkles and loss of firmness start to show up, it’s time to pull out Rénergie anti-aging cream. Rénergie Multi-Lift wrinkle cream is powered by Lancôme’s Up Cohesion technology, inspired by spatial biology. This moisturizing cream improves firmness and redefines face contours. After 8 weeks, the features are measurably uplifted, the skin feels tighter and firmer, the wrinkles are visibly reduced. The best part about it: every skin type can reap the lifting effect, firming, luminosity-boosting benefits. How so? There are three textures—a light, fresh light cream, the classic silky cream, and the buttery rich cream for dry skin. If you are the type that falls for a product because of its fragrance, you will love Rénergie’s rose-based scent that has fresh, sweet notes of pear and peony, musk, sandalwood, and iris.

How to Apply It: Appropriately, the Rénergie anti-aging facial massage involves a lot of sweeping, lifting movements. Apply the wrinkle cream to your face and neck, then use your hands to rub first from your chin to behind your ear (six on each side of your face), then make the sweeping motions up your face—from your chin to your earlobe, your upper lip to the top of your ear, and from your cheekbones to your temple. Do six times on each side of your face, alternating between your hands for each “sweep.” Now make the same movement vertically along your forehead—three lines on each side of your face, repeating three times.

Your Skin Concern:

Deeper wrinkles and folds, sagging skin, and loss of radiance.

Your Lancôme Wrinkle Reducer: Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Elixir

Why it works: Rose extract is a skincare favorite for its ability to soothe, neutralize free radicals, and enhance the renewal potential of the skin. Absolue L’Extrait contains extract from La Rose Lancôme, an exclusive variety that was developed in 1972 by Georges Delbard nurseries. It is exceptionally strong, resilient and is still grown today a few thousand at a time in France. It helps to regenerate skin cells. The other active ingredient, Pro-Xylane, is a powerful anti-aging molecule. It is as luxurious as a wrinkle cream can get. There is the chic black and gold jar, the gold-tipped application tool, the pretty rose and bergamot scent. But it’s the dense baby pink cream that melts into skin to make it feel totally nourished, radiant, and glowing that’ll leave you addicted.

How to Apply It: Instead of using your fingers you’ll want to use the Absolue L’Extrait’s the anti-aging cream with your hands, run the tool under warm water (the heat boosts circulation and helps absorption), then use it to create deep half-circle movements—first along your jawline, then the center of your cheeks, your upper cheekbones, and your forehead. (Imagine the tool lifting your skin into place.) Do the same movements on the other side of your face. Next, run the tool under cold water (cool temperatures help tighten), and use light sweeping strokes back and forth on the side of your face, working your way up until you reach your cheekbones.


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