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Foundation for oily skin - the make up experts 10 tips to magic away oily skin

Need to know everything there is to know about foundation for oily skin? Trust our expert, international make up artist and Lancôme beauty guru, German Moyano to give you the lowdown.

Foundation for oily skin – is there such a thing?

The good news is that liquid foundation can be used on most skin types. German says “It’s really a question of taste. Foundation for oily skin, for dry skin or combination skin has evolved so much so whether it’s liquid or not, it can still have the mattifying effect we need. Fluid can be perfect! And it’s long lasting too, so no need to stick to powder compacts any more.” “The truth is that choosing your foundation for oily skin is really about texture and about the way your skin feels – how it feels right. It’s very personal. I love Teint Idole Ultra Wear because it works on all skin types.”

10 top tips foundation for oily skin?

Go matte

When choosing your foundation for oily skin, always work with something mattifying.

Prime it

Use a primer like La Base Pro or a hydrating matte cream as a first step.

Always prefer fluid rather than cream or gel, which can be nice and refreshing. It’s better for that matte while creams can be too rich and intense for oily skin.

Avoid all “satiné” finishes!

Apply that rule to your entire makeup bag: whether it’s lipsticks or blushes too – oily skin will be bothered by anything shiny.

Carry powder

Always have powder handy for touch ups. I recommend touch ups every 4 hours or so because skin sweats and breathes so your makeup will evolve and change as the day goes on. It might disappear in some places. So, always carry basics like a powder, a blush and lipstick

Use a brush to apply

With a brush you’ll always get a better, blended and lighter finish when applying your foundation for oily skin. Sponges are used in a tapping motion so give more product and therefore more coverage. It really depends on the skin, and its imperfections – sponges can be a solution for more coverage if necessary.

Use foundation first, concealer next

What I do is use Teint Idole Camouflage concealer over foundation for oily skin.

It’s really luminous and covers imperfections. The trick is what I do - it’s very important – first the foundation goes on, then the touch ups with the concealer because you need to tap it on so layering is key.

Fix it

When your foundation for oily skin is on, take La Base Pro – again! - and tap with fingers onto the foundation – it’s great for fixing. Another trick is to use a tissue, and apply powder – then tap it on to ‘dry’ the skin and increase the matt finish.

Tune your foundation for oily skin from day to night

It’s important to control the amount you use to suit the occasion and the time of day too. During the day you might wear less, foundation for oily skin should be transparent and luminous, but at night you’ll need more coverage, especially due to the artificial light.

Always blend

We have a great blending technique with the brush –applying the foundation for oily skin with one side, and blurring or blending into the skin, so it melts away and disappears with the side that has no product on it.

Don’t apply to the neck

Applying foundation to the neck can be an issue, creating visible lines and also staining clothes etc. so it’ s best to steer clear of that area and avoid what I like to call ‘mask face’!


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