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How To Recover A Youthful-Looking Skin With Advanced Génifique

New Advanced Génifique’s enriched formula with 7 pre- and probiotic fractions now acts on the skin microbiome and helps aging skin recover faster. Here’s how to apply our best anti-aging serum for maximum results.

Advanced Génifique serum’s anti-aging benefits have made it a beloved anti-wrinkle skin care essential for women around the world. After one bottle of our best anti-aging serum, women see multiple signs of youth visibly improved. These benefits include more radiant skin in just seven days, and stronger, younger-looking skin after just one bottle. Now, New Advanced Génifique anti-aging serum comes enriched with a complex made of seven prebiotics and probiotics fractions that help balance the skin’s microbiome. Aging skin recovers faster, feels stronger, and appears visibly younger. Below, a short guide to applying this much-loved anti-wrinkle serum for optimal results.

Step 1

Apply a dropper full of Advanced Génifique anti-aging serum to clean hands. Gently rub them together to evenly distribute the formula.

Step 2

Moving in an outward, upward direction, apply Advanced Génifique face serum starting with your forehead.

Step 3

Smooth Advanced Génifique anti-wrinkle serum along your cheekbones, always with upward, lifting motions.

Step 4

Sweep our best anti-aging serum up from your chin to your temples.

Step 5

Use the remaining serum on your neck and allow to sink in for about 30 seconds before applying your favorite moisturizer.

The enriched formula for Advanced Génifique anti-aging serum delivers probiotic fractions to your skin in every drop. A self-loading dropper ensures a precise and perfect dose with every application. Applied twice daily (morning and evening). Shop Advanced Génifique anti-aging serum here.

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