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Looking for your perfect eye partner? Check out the best rated mascara from Lancôme

From online articles to magazine reviews and Top Ten's hard to ignore the media (and friends) telling you which is the "best rated" Lancôme mascara. But there are a few things you need to know when it comes to choosing the best rated Lancôme mascara...for YOU.

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Everyone is different

Just as every woman has her own go-to make-up look that perfectly suits her unique features, so do we all have different preferences when it comes to the best rated Lancôme mascara and the way your mascara looks. While, for example, some people like each one of lashes to be clearly defined and separated, creating a doll-like, wide-eyed expression, others prefer lashings of volume and curl all the way up the lash. You might even prefer a natural-looking "no-make-up" finish, with barely-perceptible mascara that shows off your natural beauty.

Do you know what kind of eyelashes you have?

Not only does everyone have their individual preference when it comes to make-up looks, but we all have different features to take into consideration. Lashes, for example, can come in a variety of types: from long and thick to sparse and thin or short and stubby. Once you work out what kind of lashes you have, and what look you want, then you can start to decide on the best rated Lancôme mascara - for you!

To properly see your lashes' natural thickness, length and curve, stand with your face a few cm from your mirror and turn your head by 30°, so you can still see into the mirror, but you can also see your profile. You'll see your lashes' silhouette and will be able to establish what natural lash type you have.

Types of mascara: the breakdown

At Lancôme, each mascara has its own particular specialty, with the individuality of women in mind.

Long lash mascara
Long-looking lashes are all about combining an expert formula with a lash head and neck that enable the brush to reach every lash on the first application. Grandiôse mascara has a swan neck that isn't just beautiful: it's designed to enable you to easily manipulate the brush in any direction, even over the bridge of the nose!

Separated lashes mascara
If you prefer your mascara to give you a natural, wide-eyed look, Définicils could become your eye partner. It has a smaller head than conventional mascaras, which allows you to coat while separating every lash without smudging or clumping.

Voluminous lash mascara
Whether for a dramatic evening look, or standout daytime beauty, full, voluminous lashes are among the most sought-after. The iconic Hypnôse volumizing mascara is a must-have that will give you an intense eye look* (*Consumer test realized on a panel of 58 women from 18 years old on a duration of 1 week.). You can also opt for Hypnôse Drama, designed to create a maximum volume and even coverage, leaving it up to you how much impact you want to make.

Waterproof mascara
For the active or beach-bound woman, Lancôme's Monsieur Big Waterproof enables you to get exactly the look you want without worrying about panda eyes or compromising on beautiful lashes.

o there are different types of mascara for different looks and preferences. But let's not think about other people for a second. How can you find your perfect lash partner: the best rated Lancôme mascara for your requirements?

How to find the best rated Lancôme mascara... for you!

Don't be swayed by what everyone says around you, make sure you've got all the expert information you need before you treat yourself to a mascara. Before heading to the store to buy a new mascara, take a pocket-sized make-up remover and some cotton pads so that you can test different mascaras. Avoid trying more than 2-3 however, as repeatedly applying and removing mascara may risk irritating the sensitive eye area.

How to get the best out of your mascara

You've narrowed down the best rated mascara that's perfect for your unique lashes. Now it's time to make the most of it with the optimal technique...

Start with clean lashes, ideally prepped with a mascara primer such as Lancôme's Cils Booster XL to provide the optimal base. Next, take your mascara of choice and, working from the lash roots to the tips, move the wand in small but firm zigzagging movements. This is the key: it enables full coverage of every lash, providing volume without the clumps that can occur from over-layering.

For an everyday look, a single coat of the best rated mascara will usually be enough to do the job but, if you're heading out after work, or looking for even more volume, a second coat can thicken the lashes even further. Be careful if you're thinking about a third however, as applying too much mascara can weigh the lashes down, creating unnatural-looking clumps that can flake off and ruin a beautiful make-up look.


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