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The Lancôme’s best way to put on foundation like Parisian Girls!

Wondering about the Lancôme’s best way to put on foundation? Finding the right shade, applying and blending can seem daunting. Here’s our step-by-step guide to the best way to put on foundation like a Parisian girl would.

The notion of beauty in France is without a doubt all about subtlety, discretion and a more natural look. Far from embracing the heavy hand with make-up, French girls prefer to look like they haven’t made any effort at all, even if they have! It’s casual, it’s cool and it’s simply effortlessly chic.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to the Lancôme’s best way to put on foundation, French style.

Step 1 – Think French

Think like a French girl. Think: less is more. Think about looking like you didn’t spend that long in front of your mirror this morning. Believe it’s your natural look. You were simply born like that! Your mantra is “I have stylen spades and don’t need the help of makeup”. And, if you did, you certainly wouldn’t admit to it, let alone display it! So, the best way to put on foundation is aiming for a ‘barely there’ look, and applying it so it’s not clearly visible, but still there. It’s a skill and a mindset.

Step 2 – Embrace the French love of skincare

French women have a reputation for knowing a thing or two about skincare. France is home to fantastic skincare brands, so having great skin is a national pride. Beauty products are part of the country’s heritage. Looking good has become an inherent part of wellbeing. It’s all part of the lifestyle, enjoying the good things in life, healthy food, and keeping well and happy.

Step 3 – Choose your ideal foundation match

Before knowing the Lancôme’s best way to put on foundation you’ll need to pick the right foundation for your skin type and skin tone.

Match with your skin tone

Try Teint Idole Ultra Wear for a wide choice of shades. With more than 40 color tones to pick from. The Americans love it too: Supermodel Taylor Hill is a fan. She sees it as more than an armor, as her power! It’s matte, smooth and long lasting.

Go lightweight

Those seeking the Lancôme’s best way to put on foundation which gives a light coverage will love Teint Idôle Ultra Cushion. This formula brightens the complexion and gives a natural dewy glow and finish. It’s also got an SPF23 and comes in a sleek portable cushion case so it’s easy to apply and so light it can work as a buildable base, or instead of a lighter BB crème.

Embrace the radiance

Lancôme’s Teint Miracle is another French favorite for instant radiance. A bright, flawless finish, it comes packed with modern make-up tech including 18-hour hydration(1) as well as SPF15!

Step 4 – Prep French style

Before wondering about the best way to put on foundation, one needs to get the basics right! Establish a regular skincare routine, opting for one brand to cleanse and moisturize daily. Remember, beauty comes from within too, so adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet is a must. Cut down on refined sugars and saturated fats, and go for a diet high in antioxidants (found in fresh fruit and veg) as well as omega 3 (found in fish) for a more radiant skin base. Sleeping well is another must. French girls know the importance of getting their beauty sleep. It’s not just a myth! Rested skin looks more vibrant, youthful and brighter.

Step 5 – Layer on a base

If your skin isn’t perfect, the best way to put on foundation has to be starting the process with a primer like Lancôme’s La Base Pro, which will help provide a smoother skin surface to work with. Enriched with rose oil and hyaluronic acid, it will also leave the skin luminous thanks to the 24-hour hydration(2).

Step 6 – Apply sparingly and build up the layers

The first thing you need to know is: less is more so the best way to put on foundation is layering.

Using a cushion foundation? The good news is that the liquid foundation comes through in just the right amount so there’s no need to judge the quantity. Even better, you can build your coverage level thanks to the puff applicator.

For liquid foundation, apply a drop onto your sponge or fingertips, or on the back of your hand to then be ‘picked up’ with a brush, and apply in tapping or dabbing motions. Don’t sweep, as this won’t blend in as well. The key is to use patting movements and ‘disappear’ or melt the foundation into the skin.

Step 7 – Blend, blend and blend again

Whichever tools you are using, whether it’s a sponge, fingers or a brush, make sure the foundation is entirely blended into your skin. For French girls, the best way to put on foundation is discreetly!

Step 8 – Don’t forget the rest…

Don’t make the classic error of stopping at the jawline when trying the best way to put on foundation. Pay attention to the neck and neckline zone too, for a more natural all-over, even finish.

Step 9 – Fix your face on

For the best way to put on foundation, look to the professional make-up artists. They have all the tricks up their sleeves to ‘fix’ your face. Try a light dusting of powder over a thin tissue pressed to the face. This will let just an inkling of powder through for the most natural of looks! You want a long-lasting fixation? Try Lancôme’s Fix It Forget It Spray for a make-up setting mist up to 24 hours.

Step 10 – Finish off the ‘barely there’ look

Embrace all things neutral for that ‘barely there’ neutral look. Lancôme’s classic L’Absolu Rouge is just the thing to complete your French girl look. With 44 shades and 3 finishes – matte, sheer and crème, everyone will find their match. Try L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte for the ultimate all-rounder in a sheer texture for perfect French kissable lips.

Extra tips

Always check the light. Natural light is best and will show up a whole different result than lightbulbs!


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