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No Filter Needed: The Lancôme Three Best Eye Creams for Dark Circles

Got dark circles? We have an eye cream for you.

We all spend a good portion of our lives on social media and it’s likely you’ve become a lot more aware of your reflection at any given time of the day. One thing that can be a major bummer when you’re trying to catch your best angle: dark circles under the eyes.

Not to worry— we have more than one solution for tired eyes. Read on to learn more about what causes those dark rings around the eyes and find your best eye cream for dark circles from Lancôme.

The #1 Reason Your Eyes Look Tired

A full night of sleep is becoming an increasingly rare event for all of us, whether it’s because there’s a can’t-miss party, staying up for another episode of a show you’re binge watching on Netflix, or a late date. Since the skin around our eyes is the thinnest on your face, changes can happen as early as your 20s and 30s—skin loses luminosity, bounce, and moisture, and the overall effect can make you look like you need a nap. The trick to keeping eyes fresh and youthful: start treating and hydrating them early with one of our best eye creams for dark circles.

Pick Your Formula: The 3 Lancôme Best Eye Creams for Dark Circles

1. The Relaxing “Me Time” Ritual

Using the regenerating power of the precious Lancôme rose extract, Advanced Génifique Light-Pearl Contour Collection is all about nourishing, hydrating, and treating yourself to a sensory experience. The refreshing regimen comes with two parts: a creamy pink eye balm and a bio-cellulose under eye mask. Massage in the eye cream with its golden spatula, apply the cooling eye mask, rest your eyes for ten minutes, and don’t be surprised if your eyes are awake after.

2. The Innovative Pick that Makes You Look Immediately Rested

Looking for more youthful, luminous, glowing skin around your eyes? This isn’t your usual ‘dip and dab’ eye cream—in fact, Advanced Génifique Eye Light Pearl is a lightweight eye serum that’s infused with the same probiotics that make Advanced Génifique, our most iconic and best face serum.

In addition to its all-star actives, it also has a cooling, de-puffing, pearl-shaped applicator. Use it to massage in the formula with tiny circular motions and it brightens and de-puffs bags under eyes. Because it is a serum, not a cream, it’s also ideal for morning use before you apply makeup or for those who prefer a thinner, watery texture around their eyes.

If you want something a bit more moisturizing, the Advanced Génifique Yeux eye cream has a creamier texture, the same probiotic actives, and makes skin feel smooth and bright.

3. The Multitasking, Photo-Ready Favorite Eye Cream

For those who are tight on time and looking to fix more than one concern and make skin look smoother in an instant, Absolue Revitalizing Eye Cream cream is a swift, ‘one pump’ stop. Not only does it brighten under your eyes, it has a velvety texture and cutting-edge HydraBLUR technology that softens imperfections, such as fine lines, wrinkles, signs of fatigue for selfie-ready skin.

If You Need A Little Extra Help

Need more immediate results? Add the Teint Idole Ultra Wear to your makeup bag. The ultra-pigmented, full-coverage concealer hides imperfections and comes in 16 concealer shades to match a wide range of skin tones. Apply a drop of concealer on your fingertips, dab underneath your eyes, and use a makeup brush or sponge to nix dark circles under eyes and stay picture-ready all day (or night).

Skin 101: The 3 Other Factors Affecting Your Dark Circles Under Eyes

Exhaustion is a literal drag when it comes to our eyes. But if you assume dark circles are exclusively due to sleep deprivation, think again. There are a host of reasons for the dark circles around eyes—aside from skipping out on your Lancôme best eye cream for dark circles. Read up on the less-talked-about factors that could be the causes of bags under your eyes.

1. Although lack of sleep is the usual culprit for dark rings under eyes, oversleeping can cause them too. Consider this your official warning to stop hitting the snooze button!

2. Your genes can play a role in whether you get dark circles. For example, if you inherited your grandmother’s deep-set eyes, there is a good chance you are more prone to dark under eyes.

3. Age amplifies the appearance of dark circles around eyes due to the loss of fat and collagen in skin surrounding the eye area. Because the skin in the eye area is the thinnest, blood vessels are more exposed, creating a darker shadow.

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