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Everything You Need To Know About The Skin Microbiome

What is the skin microbiome, and how do you care for it? We answer 8 common questions..

How to improve skin microbiome?

For years, scientists have been speaking to the importance of the human internal microbiome, concentrating on the gut. Now, we are starting to understand the role that the microbiome plays in the skin as well. Keeping it balanced is key in attaining (and maintaining) healthy, beautiful skin. Cutting edge skin research has helped unlock fresh insight into how to do just that. Following new testing, we’ve enriched New Advanced Génifique anti-aging serum with a blend of 7 pre- and probiotics fractions that act on the skin microbiome. Our best anti-aging serum Advanced Génifique helps promote faster skin recovery. After just one bottle, your skin is stronger and younger-looking. Here are some essential facts to know about the skin microbiome, and how to look after it.

1. What is “microbiome”?

Invisible to the eye, the human skin microbiome is an ecosystem of microorganisms that live on the skin’s surface. This beneficial living ecosystem, which is made of thousands of different microbial species, is essential to our health. While it is mainly composed of bacteria, it also contains yeast, fungi, and viruses. It is synergistic with skin; its balance is fundamental to our skin’s health and appearance.

2. Are all bacteria bad?

That’s the misconception of the century. In reality, less than 100 of the trillions of bacterial species that exist pose a threat to humans. The rest that live in and on us are essential.

3. What does the microbiome do for our skin?

We’ve now discovered that our microbiome supports our skin’s ability to defend itself. Basically, our skin microbiome acts as one of the first lines of defense for our skin from the world around us. It has two important roles:

4. Where does our microbiome come from?

You inherit your mother’s skin microbiome at birth. Later, it is affected and changed by environmental conditions and lifestyle choices.

5. What makes my skin microbiome unique?

The skin microbiome is unique to each individual. Though initially inherited, your microbiome is heavily shaped by individual lifestyle (including food habits, smoking, hormone levels) and the environment you live in (suburbs, cities, in proximity to animals, etc). Our studies have also shown that the skin microbiome is even affected by pollution, seasonal changes, and UV exposure.

6. Does my skin microbiome age?

The skin microbiome does evolve with age, and its diversity will vary depending on whether you’re 25 or 60. Our scientists led the research study into age-related changes in the skin microbiome. Performed in collaboration with Japanese Professor, Dr. Masahira Hattori, this research has proven that aging skin is associated with clear changes in the diversity of the skin’s microbiome.

7. How to improve skin’s microbiome?

It is important to provide your skin with constant and balanced fundamental nutrients.

8. Why am I just hearing about my microbiome now?

Microorganisms remained invisible to the eye, but thanks to microscopes, scientists made the invisible, visible. Technological advances in the gene sequencing field have allowed knowing more about the species.

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