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Five Surprising Things You Probably Don’t Know About Lancôme’s Best Serum for Aging Skin

Did you know, for example, that our best face serum for aging skin also goes by the name “The Little Black Bottle?”

At Lancôme, we have a fair share of best-selling products, but, when it comes to skincare, the anti-aging serum Advanced Génifique is one of our top sellers. Did you know that one bottle of this face serum is sold every ten seconds ? Let’s take a look at the iconic Little Black Bottle and find out why it has such a worldwide following. Also discover some of the reasons why this skin serum has gained the reputation as the best serum for aging skin from Lancôme.

A bottle of Advanced Génifique serum is sold every ten seconds in the world.

The anti-wrinkle serum Advanced Génifique has some serious powers…

Lancôme recently revealed the secret behind its star face serum, the anti-aging serum Advanced Génifique: probiotic fractions. You’ve probably heard and read a lot about healthy bacteria and probiotics lately. Lancôme's Advanced Génifique face serum uses two probiotic fractions obtained from a bifidobacteria (bifidobacterium longum) and yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae). Enriched with those ingredients, this hydrating serum for face helps strengthen skin’s barrier.

And there are the scientifically backed results for this face serum…

In order to make sure that the skin serum Advanced Génifique was going to become Lancôme’s best serum for aging skin and one that could be used on women of all ages and skin tones, Lancôme conducted a study on 170 women of different ethnicities. After just seven days* of using the anti-aging serum Advanced Génifique twice a day, their skin’s brightness and luminosity had already improved significantly. After 2 months, ten signs of skin youthfulness (such as clarity, skin tone, and texture) were considerably restored, with over 90% of participants saying their skin was looking more radiant and supple after using Advanced Génifique**.

*Clinical study and self-assessment on 34 women

** Self-Assessments on 136 women

Advanced Génifique: a face serum successful around the globe.

Through innovative research, testing, and the results behind the Advanced Génifique serum, this product has become a huge success. First launched in 2009 under the name Génifique, it has already been purchased over three million times. In Asia, the anti-wrinkle serum Advanced Génifique is largely considered Lancôme’s best serum for aging skin; its loyal fan base refers to Advanced Génifique as "The Little Black Bottle". To boot, the serum has won over 150 international awards.

Face serum for sensitive skin…

Sensitive skin often surfaces as something we at Lancôme like to call “bad skin days” (think of them like a bad hair day, but for your face)—those times when your skin is dehydrated, red, and all-around annoying. To take care of your skin during these sensitive periods, Lancôme took its expert skincare knowledge and the success of the anti-aging serum Advanced Génifique to formulate Advanced Génifique Sensitive Serum, a face serum for sensitive skin. Each bottle of Advanced Génifique Sensitive is enriched with two different formulae (one part has antioxidant ferulic acid and vitamin E while the other is packed with probiotic fractions) that are kept separate until your first use to ensure a completely fresh face serum that lasts for two months.

Designed to soothe skin irritations, tightness and other symptoms of sensitivity, the anti-aging serum Advanced Génifique Sensitive can easily be integrated into your daily face care routine. From the moment you start feeling discomfort, apply the Advanced Génifique Sensitive serum as part of your evening skincare routine, after cleansing and before moisturizing your skin. Continue for 30 days to make your skin look more radiant, glowing and soothed.

(You can keep using Advanced Génifique serum in the mornings as usual; it will only support the effects of the Advanced Génifique Sensitive serum.)

You can layer Advanced Génifique with another anti-aging serum, like Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra

If lack of firmness, sagging, and dark spots are a concern (maybe your jawline isn’t what it used to be), consider layering the firming Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra Full Spectrum Anti-Aging fluid on top of your face serum Advanced Génifique. This rich face cream has SPF so it also protects from UV rays. Insider tip: We like applying it with our Renergie Contour massaging tool to help bring out your cheekbones even more

Or use it with Absolue Oleo Serum for nourishing, smoothing, and firming

If your skin is craving Lancôme’s best nourishing treat, the regenerating serum Absolue Oleo has the best of Lancôme’s science. It contains both a face serum (which has Pro-Xylane and rose extract from the iconic Lancôme rose) and an oily texture, made up of citrus essential oil, camellia, and babassu oils. Apply this skin serum in the morning and at night on top of face serum Advanced Génifique and the texture melts into skin, making your face feel instantly silky soft and totally pampered. The long-term results are impressive, too. In a self-assessment of 53 women, 94% felt their skin looked smoothed, 87% thought their skin was more radiant, 89% described their skin as revitalized, and 89% agreed their skin appeared more even after four months of use.

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