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Romantic Beauty Ideas For Brides & Bridesmaids

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Wedding Makeup Look Tutorials: Bride, Maid of Honor, and Bridesmaids

Three contemporary-yet-classic beauty looks ideal for a wedding—whether you’re the bride or the bridesmaid.

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Weddings are always high-stakes events or at least, they feel that way to most brides-to-be. Aside from being a major life milestone, there are few other occasions in which all eyes (and cameras) will be on you, which is probably why there’s so much pressure to get the look right. Ideally, you want to look fresh and modern on the day, but also timeless 20, 30, or 50 years down the line. With that in mind, here are three spring wedding makeup looks for brides and their bridal parties that we think strike just the right chord.

Wedding Makeup Look 01 - The Bride

With classic shapes and modern pops of color, this wedding makeup look aims to marry (no pun intended) the timeless and the contemporary.

Step 1.

Create a smooth base for your wedding makeup with a moisturizing, mattifying makeup primer like Lancôme’s Prep & Matte.

Step 2.

Since you want your wedding makeup look to last through the ceremony and the reception, go for a high-coverage foundation like Teint Idole Ultra Wear liquid foundation. (We recommend applying it with a foundation brush and blending well, especially along your jawline.)

Step 3.

Dust Blush Subtil in Rose Sable along your cheekbones rather than on the apples of your cheeks for a romantic, yet defined flush.

Step 4.

Line your top eyelid with jewel-toned eyeshadow stick Grandiôse Liner, flicking the line out ever so slightly to create a subtle cat eye. Then, using a precision liquid eyeliner in black, trace another line just along your upper lashes. Mascara-wise, you should probably go for waterproof formula—it'll come in handy when dad gives his toast, trust us.

Step 5.

Line your lips with Le Lip Liner in Tangerine, fill them in with L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte lipstick in Pink Fatale, and gently tap with your fingertip to smudge.

Step 6.

Finish with a spritz of Fix It Forget It setting spray to help keep everything in place

Wedding Makeup Look 02 - The Maid of Honor

This dreamy makeup look combines a healthy, glowing complexion with ethereal, lilac-colored eyes.

Step 1.

Squeeze a dollop of liquid foundation onto the back of your hand and mix in a drop of Teint Idole Ultra Wear. Apply using your fingers, a makeup sponge, or a makeup brush.

Step 2.

Dust a bit of Blush Subtil in Rose Paradis just underneath the apples of your cheeks and along your cheekbones.

Step 3.

Grab Grandiôse Liner,  and sweep across your top eyelid, blending upwards and outwards to just beneath your brow bone. Use the same eyeshadow shade along your lower lash line, then switch to Or Inoubliable shade and apply to the inner corners of your eyes to add light. Finish with a few coats of Hypnôse mascara in black—again, waterproof is probably a good idea.

Step 4.

For the lips, go for L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick; Jour if you have a very light complexion - otherwise, we recommend choosing a warmer lipstick shade like L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte.

Wedding Makeup Look 03 - The Bridesmaid

What makes this wedding makeup look so perfect for bridesmaids is that it manages to be both luminous and low-key, letting the bride shine while ensuring the bridesmaids look gorgeous.

Step 1.

As in the wedding makeup look #2, start by mixing a drop of Custom Highlight Drops in Rose Glow into a breathable, lighter-coverage foundation like Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation and apply using your fingertips.

Step 2.

Dust Blush Subtil in Rose Fresque on the apples of your cheeks.

Step 3.

For the eyes, grab the Lancôme Hypnôse Eyeshadow Palette in Brun Adoré, and apply the lightest shade of eyeshadow all over your eyelids, followed by the second lightest in your crease. Line your upper eyelids with Grandiôse Liner in Noir Magnifique,  , then swipe on a few coats of Cil Booster XL mascara base followed by volumizing, lengthening Monsieur Big mascara

Step 4.

Finish with a little L’Absolu Lacquer lipstick in Rose Story on the lips. Romantic, no?

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