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Find Your Lancôme Mascara Match - How to Find the Best Lancôme Mascara for Every Lash Type

If you’re obsessed with your eyelashes, you switch up mascara like you do shoes—reaching for a different option depending on the look you’re going for.

Part 1: Lancôme – always on top of your lashes

With beauty expertise going back to 1935, Lancôme has a rich history with the world of Parisian glamour and makeup—leading the way as the go-to choice for some of the world’s most famous faces. Creating lush, beautiful eyelashes is a large part of the mission. Whether you choose the darkest of blacks like Monsieur Big or go for our classic best mascara for straight lashes like Lash Idôle, Lancôme has you covered.

Part 2: Decoding Lancôme’s mascaras

To navigate the different options, consider this your quick cheat-sheet: If you want a long-lasting mascara, Monsieur Big is known for its dark shade and creamy, stay-put texture. If you want a smudge-proof mascara that also adds volume, the best rated mascara at Lancôme is Hypnôse, while Définicils is the traditional favorite mascara for long eyelashes. If you want the best Lancôme mascara for straight lashes, the hands-down winner has to be Grandiôse Extrême with its clever Swan-Neck mascara wand, bent at a 25-degree angle for a better reach of all lashes. Your straight eyelashes will instantly be reaching for the stars!

Part 3: Three Golden rules to get the most out of the Lancôme’s best mascara for straight lashes

Embrace the curl! An eyelash curler is essential for those with poker straight lashes. To enhance the experience, warm the utensil up in your hands to avoid cold metal on lashes and any possible damage. Curl gently, several times for more curve.

Prep it Choose Lancôme's Cils Booster XL to cover each and every lash properly. The eyelash primer helps prepare your lashes so everything else you apply glides on easily and you end up with more natural-looking mascara.

Remove all traces When it comes to mascara for sensitive eyes, one of the most important steps is to wash up well at night. Leaving old makeup on will mean you get left with residue that can lead to residues left. Use Bi-facil Eye makeup remover before bedtime to remove all your eye makeup. And, remember not to rub! Eyelashes are fragile and can easily break off so the gentle approach is best.

Part 4: So, how do the pros do it?

German Moyano, Lancôme’s Makeup Artist and Education Director Makeup artist says whether your lashes are thin, long, short or straight it’s all about where the curve goes. “Short lashes - at the very root and long lashes - just in the middle.” German uses small eyelash curlers on the outside corner and even tweezers to construct a regular line. He also recommends using a heated eyelash curler and applying Grandiôse Extrême, the best mascara for straight lashes before curling again, this time focusing on the roots, for the best angle.

Expert tip 1: Use a mirror

Experts use a mirror below the lash line for the best angle to see and control the mascara application process.

Expert tip 2: Double up

Lancôme makeup artist German Moyano agrees that more than one mascara coat is a must. In this case, more is more. The best Lancôme mascara to layer on: Hypnôse Drama with its fluid texture and triple-coat system that prevents flakes.

Expert tip 3: From the roots…

On applying Grandiôse Extrême, Lancôme’s best mascara for straight lashes, always start at the very roots of the lashes.

Expert tip 4: to the tips…

Apply Grandiôse Extrême all the way to the tips with a steady hand.

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Expert tip 5: Fill in the waterline

By filling in the waterline on the upper eyelid with waterproof eyeliner or kohl pencil you’ll create a denser base for longer-looking, voluminous lashes.

Part 5: Big No-Nos when it comes to caring for your mascara for straight lashes

DON'T store your mascara in direct light
Mascara tends to try out fast, and storing it somewhere too warm will not help!

DON'T pump
By pulling the mascara wand in and out of the tube repeatedly, air will get into the wand, which can cause it to dry out faster.

DON'T keep it too long
Mascara should be replaced every 3 to 6 months! Women all over the world agree that their eyes are one their defining, signature features. The key to making their look perfect? The perfect frame: lustrous lashes! It comes down to a combination of color, intensity and volume - something Lancôme always keeps in sight.

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