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A Makeup Artist Reveals Lancôme’s Top Waterproof Mascara

Mascara has been around for more than a century but the most innovative spin on this beauty staple might be waterproof formulas.


Rain, tears — the technology behind these formulas can stand up to almost anything so you can go about your day without pausing. Still, not all waterproof mascaras are the same and if you’ve ever tried to pick one from the endless-scrolling-list of options out there, you can easily feel overwhelmed.

Need a little help and guidance in finding the top waterproof mascara from Lancôme? Ask the expert! German Moyano, Lancôme’s Makeup Artist and Education Director reveals everything you need to know about picking the best waterproof mascara formula and how to apply it (and remove it) like a pro.

Part 1: Choose The Top Lancôme Waterproof Mascara

Over the years, Moyano’s has tested many mascaras during photos shoots and on his A-list clients. His pick for the top waterproof mascara?

"Easy," he says. “ Monsieur Big Waterproof.

Among the reasons he’s been loyal to this mascara formula is because it delivers “big volume, is easy to apply and lasts long.”

The brush, in particular, has features that make it different from pretty much every other mascara.

“The brush catches all lashes and the texture is very smooth, so, it helps deposit the formula on the lashes, and the volume is just like, ‘Wow!’”

Part 2: How To Apply Waterproof Mascara

Although Monsieur Big Waterproof glides on without much effort, there are a few insider tricks that make your application easier and take your results to the next level.

First, remember to thoroughly (but gently!) remove your eye makeup before doing your anything—this gives you a fresh start “to avoid clumps,” says Moyano.

Next, do some prep work that pays off.

“Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara to create volume and open your eyes all day long,” he says.

Then, pull the mascara wand through your lashes from the base to the tips in one fluid motion, moving a bit faster than you might otherwise.

“Apply quickly because waterproof mascara might dry faster than a regular mascara,” says Moyano. “The gesture is the same at the regular mascaras, but you need to apply fast!”

Part 3: Bonus Tips! Get More Out Of Your Waterproof Mascara

If your lashes are thin or you want to “crazy volume,” says Moyano, consider layering an eyelash primer, like Cils Booster XL, in between coats of mascara. “Apply Monsieur Big Waterproof, then Cils Booster XL and before it dries, Monsieur Big Waterproof again.”

Sandwiching the eyelash primer in between your waterproof mascara helps make your lashes look thicker and bulks up your base for a denser-looking effect.

Want to make sure your waterproof mascara will withstand anything?

Here’s a quick trick: “Splash water on your eyes! If the mascara doesn’t move, you have the right one for you.”

If you’ve ever want to know when to use a smudge-proof versus waterproof formula, Moyano sets the record straight.

A smudge-proof mascara is ideal when you only need to prevent a slight meltdown, such as during humid weather or when you break a light sweat. A waterproof mascara, on the other hand, can handle drench conditions, like when you’re at the pool, the beach, or have a flood of tears (think: weddings, a time when Moyano considers top waterproof mascara “essential!”).

Part 4: How To Remove Waterproof Mascara

The beauty of waterproof mascara is that it doesn’t budge. But, what about when you actually do want it to disappear, at the end of the day?

It can be a challenge to remove anything waterproof and not rub your lashes too much (which can make those delicate hair break and fall out). That’s why you should stock up on a good eye makeup remover that won’t cause any damage, such as Bi-Facil, which has a formula with an oily phase, it first makes make up and persistent pigments melt and with a water phase eliminates all residus and impurities.

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