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Pink lipstick is the new red lipstick!

When it comes to make-up trends, pink lipstick is growing in popularity over its red rival.

We take a look at why pink lipstick has such a large and varied following, so you can decide whether or not you'll be jumping on the pink lip trend train this season!

5 reasons we love pink lipstick

Healthy-looking complexion

Using the right pink lipstick, you can bring warmth and radiance to your complexion, as the color complements your natural skin tone and emphasizes the pink hues in your cheeks.

A French beauty staple

A delicate, light-colored pink lipstick is a key element of this season's on-trend "no make-up" make-up look inspired by Parisian women - with a barely-there finish that's ideal for daytime beauty.

Modern, Insta-worthy vibe

Bright neon shades of pink lipstick are all over social media at the moment. The color of choice for some of our favorite Instagrammers, bold pink lipstick makes a modern, youthful statement, and a matte finish is ideal for flash-photography.

Variety of tones and textures

Pink lipstick offers so much more than classic rose shades (although we still love them!) These days, pinks range from shimmery nude glosses to shocking pink matte textures.

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A shade for every skin tone

From naturally fair to gorgeous dark skin tones, there's a perfect pink lipstick for every woman, whatever the occasion or mood!

Different ways to wear pink lipstick

Daytime: Fresh, light and luminous
Perfect for wearing throughout the day, a light sheer pink lipstick like Nuit & Jour #202 from the iconic L'Absolu Rouge line by Lancôme is enough to give your lips a burst of fresh color and showcase your natural beauty. From the same collection, we love the creamy and hydrating lipstick Blush Classique #337 and Coquette #326, which leave lips shaped and evenly colored.

Night-time: Bold, bright and modern
When the night falls, pink lights up! This season, it's all about bright matte shades of pink like L'Absolu Rouge. And for even more intensity you can try our ultra-matte lipstick L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte in Rose Lancôme #388 or Fatal Pink #346.

Choosing a pink lipstick: the checklist

Before you pick your pink lipstick, ask yourself these simple questions to narrow down your search:

How long do you need coverage for?

A long work day, or an evening party where you'll be sipping on a drink and nibbling appetizers, will require a long-lasting pink lipstick. We recommend one of the beautiful shades from the L'Absolu Rouge collection, with sheer and cream finishes that provide up to 8 hours* of hydration for lips (*instrumental test).

What's the lighting like?

Will you be under the harsh light of the daily commute (think flattering, complexion-enhancing rose), relaxing by a pool at sunset (opt for shimmery gold or coral pink shades), or singing along to an outdoor festival (high gloss or intense matte shades really pop)? The lighting is all-important when it comes to choosing your pink lipstick!

How are your lips today?

For an even and vivid look, start by applying a lip balm like L’Absolu Rouge La Base Rôsy. A thin single layer will be enough to moisturize and smooth dry skin. Cream-based pink lipsticks are also a good idea for dry lips, as they provide hydration as well as color.

What are you wearing?

Graphic prints and urban leisurewear outfits look great when contrasted with fuchsia or bright matte pink lipstick, in a contemporary nod to the nineties. For a more classically feminine look, a ultra-pigmented creamy rose like Rosewood Ruby from L'Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream is stunning when paired with light floaty fabrics.

What's your skin tone?

Pink lipstick is more than meets the eye. Every color has its own hues, usually with cool or warm undertones. Your skin is the same. By finding a pink lipstick with the same undertones as your complexion, the effect will be particularly flattering.

How to apply pink lipstick

Are you applying your pink lipstick correctly for optimal effect?

DO: check in natural light
Lighting in-store and even at-home can be misleading: from overly harsh to deceptively flattering.

DON'T: apply too many layers
A quality pink lipstick doesn't require multiple layers: one, maximum two, is enough. Too much product on the lip will reduce the wear and risk flaking.

DO: smudge
Use a finger or blotting paper to gently smudge/pat the contours of the lip for a natural finish. Alternatively, DO use a liner for a crisp, bold effect.

DON'T: mismatch your liner
Unless you are deliberately trying an ombré lip, if you use a liner it should be the same shade as your lipstick.

So, are you a pink lipstick convert, or are you still loyal to red?

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