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The best Lancôme nude lipstick for every skin tone!

Nude lipstick, a fundamental tool in any Parisian beauty bag, is chic, flattering, versatile and always on trend.

The right nude lipstick tone and texture can subtly elevate any make-up look, bringing natural-looking radiance to the complexion.

The benefits of nude lipstick

The perfect nude lipstick should bring a subtle, healthy-looking brightness to your face, and is ideal for drawing attention to a bold eye look or statement jewelry.

Warm vs. cool tones

Nude lipstick comes in multiple tones, which can be more-or-less divided into warm and cool hues. By choosing a lipstick with the same tones as your natural skin type, you'll end up with the most flattering finish.

How to find out your skin tone

Your jewelry can tell you! Silver jewelry looks better on cool skin tones, which have blue and pink undertones, while gold pairs well with warm tones, highlighting the yellow and peach hues. Neutral skin tones also exist, and they look great with everything.

If you've identified your skin tone as cool, look for a nude lipstick with very slightly pink or blue undertones. For warm-toned skin, a lipstick with subtle yellow or gold undertones will look great. Neutral? The choice is yours!

Fair skin types

Colors that work: We recommend the iconic L'Absolu Rouge lipstick collection by Lancôme, which emphasizes the natural color of the lips while providing a sheer, slightly pink nude lipstick finish.

Colors to avoid: With naturally fair skin, you don't want lipstick that will wash you out. If the shade is too close to white or has hues of brown in it, you risk draining the energy from your face.

Make-up inspiration: There's almost nothing that looks better with a nude lipstick than a seductive smoky eye. The Hypnôse palettes by Lancôme make creating your look super simple. For a really chic buildable smoky eye, our favorite pair with a nude lip is the Color Design palette.

You've chosen the perfect volumizing mascara, but now it's time to make sure you're following the right steps, otherwise you'll miss out on all the benefits of your volumizing mascara.

Medium to olive skin tones

Colors that work: On olive complexions, gold-hued nude lipstick looks delicious, like L'Absolu Rouge, which brings out the natural warmth of the skin. For medium but not olive-toned skin, peachy nudes are ideal. Try a matte effect with the new liquid lipstick L'Absolu Rouge Drama Ink.

Colors to avoid: As a general rule, avoid nude lipstick with yellow undertones which are less flattering on medium/olive complexions.

Make-up inspiration: Bring some sunshine to your make-up look and pair your nude lip with bright and happy sun-kissed color using a touch of shimmer to provide contrast. The Hypnôse palette, for example, comes in a sizzling shade of Terre de Sienne that's perfect for a pool-side party.

Deep skin tones

Colors that work: For a nude effect on deeper lips, try a gloss with a pink or gold shimmer to it depending on your skin tone. Marshmallow Electro #05 and Simmer #06 from the Juicy Tubes collection really pop on deeper skin shades, and Lancôme's L'Absolu Rouge lipstick is also a favorite.

Colors to avoid: To avoid dulling your natural glow, avoid lipstick colors that are too light for your skin tone. If in doubt about whether the color suits you, swipe the lipstick over the skin on your inner wrist to get an idea.

Make-up inspiration: Wearing nude lipstick means you can go to town when it comes to eye make-up colors. Why not try a daring shade of eyeliner like Amethyst, Gold or Turquoise from the Artliner liquid liner collection, which look fantastic against dark skin colors!

Texture is all-important

Matte nude lipstick has been all over social media for the last few years, and it looks like the trend is here to stay. Glossy nudes are perfect for a summery beach vibe that looks like you've just walked out of the waves, while sheer nudes are our go-to for an everyday make-up look, and cream-textured nudes are wonderful for dinners and cocktail parties where the light can play off the different contours of your lips, giving a voluptuous pout.

Whether it's a creamy peach, a matte beige or a glossy gold, there are a multitude of possibilities when it comes to nude lipstick. The trick is all about finding the right shade that suits your skin tone. After that, it's up to you how creative you get!

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